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  • Melissa Oltman

    Melissa Oltman

    I am happily 61, and FINALLY loving my life - not that a lot has changed, but because I decided to do so. Come meander through the absurdity of life with me.

  • novalis



  • Thierry Maout

    Thierry Maout

    Jack of all trades, master of some. Vancouver-based, I write about tech, business, MMA and education. Mostly in English, but sometimes in French too.



    Writer. Reader. Life long learner. Living with a mood disorder. Just trying to figure it out. She/her.

  • Wolfie Bain

    Wolfie Bain

    Artist & Writer thewolfiebain@gmail.com

  • The Parrot

    The Parrot

    A researcher, former journalist, and tech marketing exec, I write an occasional article to shine light on what’s right in front of all of us.

  • Kimberly Nobles

    Kimberly Nobles

    Author Kimberly Nobles is a mother of three wonderful children, former Texas Teacher, and currently pursuing a Masters of Pyschology.

  • Cat


    Hello and welcome to my page! UK based | MA student studying Social Research | BA in Sociology | Looking forward to reading, writing and learning 💡

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